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Victor McGlothin, Brings Zombies to the 'Hood, in Film Project


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For Immediate Release:  9/3/14

Media Contact: Ailene Torres, Ailene@upmarketpr.com


Texas Voodoo Zombies are coming to Dallas


We are pleased to announce that Texas Voodoo Zombies are coming!!!  Yes, Victor McGlothin, local bestselling novelist and filmmaker is currently in pre-production to begin filming a historic horror movie project.  McGlothin and Victory Vision Films are excited about being the first in the country to bring zombies to the ‘hood.


Victor McGlothin, a Kimball High School and University of North Texas grad, has penned 13 bestselling books before producing two short films “Backsliders” and “On The Radio;” based on his popular novels.  Now, he’s recasting the mold to which many readers know him best.  “I’m a story teller and my projects usually end with a girl falling in love and a guy blowing something up,” McGlothin jokes. “So this is kinda the same, only with zombies.”  


Funding is a challenge for any filmmaker but McGlothin believes the help of his crowdfunding campaign, now live on Indiegogo, will make this movie a huge success.  “I’m hopeful that area Dallasites, zombie fans and Victor McGlothin fans will rally around this project financially and make it something special that we can all be proud of.  In Indie film making, it’s really the contributions that make dreams come true,” McGlothin said, while heading into rehearsals.


(see the movie trailer and campaign)


With Texas becoming increasingly a hot bed for movie productions, Dallas based Victory Vision Films and Victor McGlothin should feel right at home.  “I love Texas, horror movies and the tough neighborhood I grew up in so it’s only natural to incorporate the three of them in my first big breakout film.  I’m proud to do something that’s never been done in horror movies, I’m bringing zombies to the ‘hood.”


We look forward to seeing how Victor’s film, Texas Voodoo Zombies, turns out.  Imagine that, a real Zombie Hoodpocalyse in Dallas.  What will they think of next! 

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