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OPRAH biography review by Kam Williams

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Why is it people keep "feeling sorry" for this woman? Do you think she cares if anybody "feels sorry" for her? Do you think she knows?

She's supposedly a billionaire--what the hell does she really care about anything and anybody?

I know I'm being silly. The incredibly ignorant masses think that they know this woman because "she has been in their homes" They are so stupid they have confused having her program on a tv set with actually being in her presence.

This is not confined just to white folks. I recall the story about the old white woman who insisted on calling Dan Blocker "Hoss' and admonishing him to get a woman in the house to cook for him and his daddy and brothers instead of "that Hop Sing fella"--even after he reminded her that he was really an actor and "bonanza" was just a tv show.

When I review some of the foibles of people I wonder if God was wasting His time...

She don't need anybody's supposed "feelings"--which are here today and gone tomorrow (see Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Marion Jones and Tiger Woods)

Y'all better be trying to get yourselves some MONEY!

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Guest gingerkim

i support kitty kelly and i am going to definely buy oprah book, oprah she remind me of madame cj walker, but the only time when she have blacks on the show is when they promoting something and her show is 99% white but it is call show business the white folks made her rich, i watch her show sometimes, but oprah is rich and she have gave money to charities. but i want her to have more of us on the show

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She started out with us on the show at first--but there are more of THEM than there are of us. If Oprah listened to my advice, she would starve to death. She'd be down here in the ghetto with me, probably slingin rocks or something.

I just can't get over this "feeling sorry" for her. I mean, Oprah Winfrey could bust up in my apartment, tear up my s***, throw my drawers on the floor and stomp on 'em, and have six big beefy WHITE men give me a down home country ass whuppin and get away with it.

She could probably literally shoot me in the head on her show in front of millions and walk.

One of her creatures probably collects comments made about her so she can laugh at them while she is flying in her private jet to the Riviera, with John Tesh sucking on her toes.

We can't hurt her. Whazzup?

"You're all some lowdown, cowardly useless Uncle Toms! You ain't worth saving....but I'm gonna save ya anyway!"

Max Julien in "The Black Klansman" (1966)

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