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  1. A little while ago there was a great outpouring of concern for the health of Nelson Mandela when he took sick--primarily in your white establishment press. I guess they should be grateful--he and the ANC let them keep all the money and power. I will be ambivelent toward Mandela. He could forgive the Aparthied Regime for jailing him, killing and torturing thousands of his brothers and sisters, opressing millions, stealing the wealth. But he couldn't forgive Winnie for allegedly cheating on him while he was locked up. I see where his priorities were.
  2. Prince? He's so 80's! Next you'll be pining away for Sir Mix A Lot. Come back when you listened to somebody who cut a record in the 21st Century!
  3. I have been away for a while. Who been spammin'?
  4. What shit ar you getting too old for now, Methuselah?
  5. Harlan is one of my favorite writers. And of course on principle I agree. But few can take this advice seriously. Face it--writers, even good ones are a dime a dozen. It is a buyer's market, unless you are named JK Rowling or Zane or Dan Brown or Stephen King or somebody else whose name appears on the cover ABOVE the title. (Ever notice that? ) If you treat writing as a business you understand the necessity sometimes of cutting your price, undercharging and giving away freebies. Dope dealers are probably among the most mercenary, blood thirsty merchants on earth. Even they put out free samples (sometimes called "testers") so as to get the consumers to come to them. Writing is a business, and in America, the Land of the Heartless and Home of the Paid, we are in competition. And so it goes.
  6. The proper way to say it, Spike Lee notwithstanding is to say He HAS game.
  7. Do you have an url that links through to a review?
  8. Thanx for this. We need to keep alive the memories of our cultural pioneers. Maybe somebody will do a biography of her.
  9. I'll just guzzle the rum straight from the bottle--which I will cover with a paper bag I am reading The Bizarro Starter Kit (orange) and Gulliver's Travels by Johnathan Swift
  10. http://www.nationalparkstraveler.com/2009/03/sullivan-s-island-african-american-ellis-island
  11. Of course save for some particulars we knew all this already.
  12. (But of course they won't do that, will they? I mean, what will they talk about on all the Sports call in shows? If, after being damn near run out of the country he is so stupid he is still listening to people he deserves what he gets. There was a song, one time. I think you did a version as a vocalist with your kazoo band--"That's Life"? "Ridin' high in April. Shot down in May"
  13. (Lemme know what sort of stuff you wanna see and hear. I'll post ya a list of stuff to do..safe and family oriented)
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