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And Now--A Little Love Injection from GOD


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How do you like the 60’s?

What you are seeing now was about 10 times worse—war, uncertainty and a racist outrage every day that left you feeling angry and helpless (and that you often took out on other Negroes, not Tha Man)

Why do you think folks was rebelling. S*** was going DOWN!

I know I make my name and claim to fame by being raucous and controversial—but the other day when I saw the photo of Venus Williams with her butt out I realized this is really getting to Negroes.

It is very important for you to breathe. To exhale.

You go around madall the time and it will kill you.

GET MAD! Then chill. And while you are chillin’ think of how you are going to GET EVEN.

But til then UNLAX! Listen to some soothing music. Read some soothing literature.

Visit some soothing websites.



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