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I swear this Negro is a ring tailed wonder. Proof that White Folks education screws your mind up.

He comes out as an ecological President. Turns his back on his Green base and talks about okaying offshore drilling just in time to walk into the BP disaster.

He sits back and lets an obviously clueless BP (remember when they proposed shooting all the tennis balls and crap in there a few weeks ago and were laughed at? Then they try it and) take over, in deference to his Coporate Whores, then he lets everybody maneuver him into taking responsibilty for something ("The Buck Stops Here," he said a few months ago) that he got no control over.

Now everybody is screaming he should do something and get mad. He is totally deballed and denatured. He can't get mad. White folks wouldn't like it, he found long ago so he never would get mad.

And, to top it off, in this time of emergency the clown has a party with Paul McCartney last night.

I am beginning to think he should step down, for the good of the nation.

He just ain't ready.




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