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Gen McChrystal--Obama Blows it Again

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Anybody who believes the General was sandbagged by Rollinstone is an idiot.

He bailed out on what he sees as a failing effort.

We are broke. We cannot afford to do Iraq and Afghanistan AND meet all our other commitments in the world.

Obama should have pulled the hell out of there already. Probably can't. He's little more than a puppet of the military/industrial complex. Nobody is afraid of him.

He should have said that we are in the middle of an offensive and we will talk to the General when he is finished.

If the General had been successful, then bygones are bygones. If he failed THEN fired him.

Now if the "surge" is a failure it is Obama's fault.

Way to go, O.

What would I do in this situation.

Turn this thing over to the First Marine Division let them turn Kandahar into a parking lot. Then America can have what it wants. Blood. Slaughter. Also I'd make sure I was well set up with a good job in a couple years.

Then the Democrats can turn the country over to the Republicans and let them finish wrecking it.

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