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The Only Black-Owned Bookstore in Manhattan


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In an earlier post I mention there are no Black owned bookstores in Harlem.  Technically that is true. But there are a couple of Black owned bookstores in Manhattan.  Both can be found in my database of Black-owned Bookstores  One of these stores is Sister's Uptown Bookstore which is run by Janifer P. Wilson.  Her store is in Washington Height which, is the community just north of Harlem.  Some people consider it part of Harlem.  I believe they would be in the minority.

Janifer, shown in the video below, recounts what drives booksellers who focus on celebrating our culture through books (including myself).  


There is another store, which appears to be Black owned, run by a church, Becoming God's Answer Bookstore.  No one ever talks about this store, but it a really nice store, for Christians.  The store is in East Harlem, just a few steps from the boundary of Harlem and East Harlem, 5th Avenue. If someone wanted to argue that is was in Harlem I would bother to split that hair.

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