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A Very Good Indie Author Publishing Panel


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Published on Oct 4, 2014

"Indie Author Panel: Top Tips to Get You Published!" Three successful indie authors discuss their process of writing, publishing and promoting their books independently. Each author provides invaluable tips and tools to help serious indie authors in their publishing process.



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Troy, I am just getting around to viewing this video because I did not have sound to my computer. Many thanks to you for sharing this. I have sit here and watched the entire video while taking notes (3 pages). Wow, I have gained so much valuable information about Independent Publishing that I did not know. You know,  ignorance can be an intellectual killer if left unchecked.  I have three manuscripts that I am working on and without being cocky about it, I can tell you that The Peanut Butter Trap Series and Cracked Glass, Part One: The Whole Damned Family are winners waiting to happen. So many literary agents have told me that both these manuscripts are very interesting and some have even said that they have merit and should be marketable. However, they are not picking up either of them at this time.  I know that the predominately white literary agencies are not touching either of my manuscripts because of the controversial content and the timing. It's all about making lots of money with very little risks. It is also about the current trends that are out there.  It's all good. I am quickly learning the game and how to play it. Wow, I can't begin to tell you how much stamina and tenacity is required by newbie Indie Authors. Had I known all of this, I don't know that I would have embarked on what I am doing. Too late now though, I am in it to win it. Like I have previously said, I am not a quitter.

In the New Year, I am definitely going to look into Create Space and Ingram Spark (Lightning Source) after I take a few  courses with Gotham Writers. Lord, this is so much work. I am so glad that I am prayerful and passionate about writing for the purpose of informing and empowering our  young children and parents, teens, and young adults.

AALBC Community, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Troy, I so appreciate what you share with those of us who are in the literary trenches.  My best to all of you always.

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Guest Kim Harris

Thank you for posting this. A lot of great information and ideas that I had not thought about but now feel armed and wiser for viewing this.

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