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The 24th Annual African American Children's Book Fair


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The 24th Annual African American Children's Book Fair will be held on Saturday, February 6, 2016, 1:00-3:00PM, at Community College of Philadelphia, 17th Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA. The event is free and open to the public. 

The afternoon is packed with activities that promote the power and joy of reading. Authors and illustrators will make presentations from their books. The Literary Row distributes book related promotional materials free of charges. Our Educator’s book-giveaway also distributes brand new books to teachers and librarian to use in their classrooms.  But it is a true fair with a wide selection of affordable literature for purchase. 

This event is also a part of the organization’s PRESERVE A LEGACY, BUY A BOOK initiative to put books back into homes.  You can’t tell a child to read at home if there are no books in the home  

The Book Fair started out on a cold frosty day at John Wanamaker Department Store, today is it one of the oldest and largest single day events for African American children's books in the country. On average over 3,500 people attend the event each year. 

With a reported double- digit illiteracy rate in the region, our success is due to the fact that we offer the best and the brightest from the multi-cultural literary community - books that enlighten enrich and empower the young citizens in our community.



Parents, caregivers, and educators from the tri-state area are very supportive of the event because they understand that children, who read, make more responsible decisions about their lifestyles. 

Nationally known bestselling authors/illustrators will participate. Many have won the American Library Association Coretta Scott King award. These authors/illustrators have produced some of the best books of our generation.

Games, prizes, and literary resources cap off the afternoon that celebrates the JOY OF READING.



Vanesse Lloyd-Sgambati
(215) 877-2012 (MEDIA ONLY)
(215) 878-BOOK
E-mail vlloydsgam@aol.com
Website: theafricanamericanchildrensbookproject.org

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