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Seeking Women for African-American Book Talk Show


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(AGES 20 - 70-something.) 

Casting call for multi-generational African American females (ages 20 to 70-something) for book-based, issues-related, web-series talk show pilot. Seeking African American women who are smart, love books, are personable, comfortable with discussion, and possess good on-camera presence. All ages. Please forward to a friend!

SEND HEAD SHOT, RESUME (IF AVAILABLE), AND SHORT VIDEO - "WHY I LOVE BOOKS" to maxrod122@gmail.com. The pilot program will be videotaped in December in Princeton, NJ. Nonunion. Those selected for the pilot will be considered for
 the series permanent cast. Producer will provide hospitality. Call expires 11/18.

QBR Media supports the mission of QBR and the Harlem Book Fair as the first word on books by and about the black experience by producing media that informs, enlightens, and entertains. Founded as the public program of QBR The Black Book Review (www.QBR.com) and now in its 18th year, the Harlem Book Fair, the nations’ largest and most respected African American literary festival, is partnered by the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture the New York Public Library, First Book, the national literacy organization; and televised nationally by C-Span's BookTV. Attended by over 20,000 readers and viewed by millions on C-Span, the Harlem Book Fair is the nation’s flagship African American public literary event. 

Please contact QBR (914.231.6778) to promote your book or event to 40,000  QBR and Harlem Book Fair opt-in readers.


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Hello Troy,

I am so excited to be a member now :). I am also very interested in this QBR's The Black Book Review Casting Call. I have learned so much from visiting this site as a guest. I belong to a few literary and professional organizations where I paid handsomely to join. However, I want to say that I have not participated as much as I have on this site. I love my people and I enjoy hearing what we have to say about most things--not all things, ha ha, but most things.

I would like to see more participation and support in terms of great comments by the our members and guests. Great comments aren't always what we want to hear, but these comments are positive in a constructive way that can be beneficial to the receiver.  Let's always help one another to become bigger, better, and stronger,

Troy, you are a great example of one who provides great constructive feedback. As a result, I have made more progress in my literary pursuits. aalbc.com is wonderful. Again, I am happy to be a member. In the coming days, I plan to explore all that it has to offer. I am also telling people about this wonderful platform for our people.

Thanks so much,

Shirley Gale

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Wow Shirley those were such kind words.  I appreciate it.  It is clear that you get the purpose of these forums. 

Readers of this forum have always outnumbered the people who comment and post, Unfortunately both participants and readers are way down compared to a few years ago.  

I've always said the value of this forum is a function the level of participation, so I definitely appreciate you spreading the word.  We have to help each other; no one else will.


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Hi Troy,

I have sent in my head shot, resume, and video on "Why I Love Books." I am wondering if it is possible to post my video on this site. I have allowed some of my teacher-friends to preview it and they all like it a lot. In fact, one of them shared the video with her students. If I am  allowed, do I use the insert other media tab to upload it? I think it's really cool and I would like more feedback on it.

I sure hope that I am among the chosen for the web-series talk show. It really sounds like fun. Also, can you clarify the extent of the hospitality provided--in other words, what is paid by the producer and what would be my responsibility? This would be a first for me in such matters.

Thanks :)

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Good Day Troy,

My casting call video is stored on my desktop. It was produced using my windows camera phone. For some reason when I try to choose a file, it will not open. Also, I have the one book published right now. The ISBN given are: 978-1-4808-1480-6 (sc), ISBN: 978-1-4808-1481-3 (hc), ISBN: 978-1-4808-1482-0 (e). I really appreciate you creating a page for me on the new website. I would also like to set up my profile with my photo and other pertinent info. I cannot access that either. Is this because you are working on the new website? I am really happy to be a part of this organization. I see a lot of promise here. In the New Year, I would like to fully immerse myself into the AALBC community.

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I have to set up the profiles on the new website.  You can attached your photo in an email and sent it to me t troy@aalbc.com,  You can also reply by adding your photo here.  Just click the link next to the paper clip where is says "choose files..." (or you can just drag and drop the files there).

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Thanks Troy. For the past few days I have been extremely busy trying to figure out how to get my two grand babies from Atlanta to Texas for Thanksgiving. At first we were going to drive to meet my son at a halfway mark, but, oh what a drive it would be. We have now decided to fly them here instead, and oh, how expensive, even in the business class price range. But I tell you it's a lot better than that drive.

Anyway, I am telling you this because I don't have time to set up my profile the way that I want it right now. I will be getting back on this after Thanksgiving. I am in the planning stage for all my delicious meals. Yeah, I am pretty good in the kitchen--rattling pots and pans--at least my hubby thinks so :)

I also want to say "thank you" again for welcoming me into this community. I have been looking for a social platform where I can share my experiences as a black woman and black writer.

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