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The Greatest Christmas Gift

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NEW RELEASE: The Greatest Christmas Gift  By Tiah Rodriguez-Crawl

The Greatest Christmas Gift takes its readers on a nostalgic sleigh ride of emotions and life lessons as experienced by a young boy named, James. Far   away from his family in New York, he attempts to celebrate Christmas with his father in Marietta, Georgia. As a winter storm hits, it threatens to ruin his Christmas forever. Feeling homesick and heartbroken, something unexpected happens that causes James to see Christmas in a whole new light.
The Greatest Christmas Gift invites children and families to experience the spirit of Christmas, create family traditions and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  

Paperback: 5 x 7

60 Pages
Release Date: 2014-10-21

Special Features:
ISBN #: 978-1-63268-640-4
Carton Count: 30

Product Category: FICTION / General 
Distributor: Ingram Spring Arbor

Marketing Support:
Author Book Signings, Newspapers, Radio & Television Interviews, Book Reviews, Christian Industry Advertising, Trade shows, Internet Advertising, Catalogs, Speaking Engagements

ABOUT THE PUBLISHER: Tate Publishing is committed to excellence in the publishing industry. Our staff of 
highly trained professionals, including editors, graphic designers, and marketing personnel, work together to produce the very finest books available. The company reflects the philosophy established by the founders, based on Psalm 68:11,

“The Lord Gave The Word And Great Was The Company Of Those Who Published It.” 

News Release Tate Publishing - The Greatest Christmas Gift.html

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