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by: JonRenee'


Withdrawn from a world,

Where relationships seem to become a thing of the past.

Where everybody has a friend that has a friend.

Competing for time that doesn’t last.


Provocative forces of energy.

Indicative to technology.

Searching for love, but love is now the minority.


Texting replaced verbal conversation.

Missing baritones and femme fatale,

Alters the dynamics of basic instincts,

An attraction that disturbs the structure of communication.


So she’s disconnected.

So he’s disconnected.

Soon…We will all be, disconnected.






Forcing love to be neglected.

Emotions fall into the abyss.

Three-dimensional relationships,

Creates three-dimensional feelings.

A fatal triangle,

Hiding behind a less passionate forbidden kiss.

Diffusing the existence of synergy,

That was intended for only two people in love to share and coexist.


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Very insightful, it's poignantcy is in how you don't show how the disconnection makes you feel. I feel you just made an oversight on how relationships are and will be because of technology.

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