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Untangling Yourself from Facebook

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As I start to reduce my use of Facebook I'm beginning to realize just how entangled I am with the platform.  Over the years, out of convenience, I've been using my Facebook ID to login to all types of websites--including this discussion forum.

For the convenience of using my Facebook credentials to log into this discussion forum and other sites, I'm telling Facebook exactly what I'm doing, where I'm doing it and how long I'm doing it.  Obviously Facebook is using this information to improve what they are doing, which of course means crushing any competition or assimilating their content.  I'm sure this information is part of the dataset Facebook sells to marketers as well.

As a result, I've been slowly removing my Facebook logins.  Fortunately the forum's software allows me to merge accounts.  So I created a new account just using my email address, then I merged my old account which used my Facebook credentials into the new account.  

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