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Guest TheWritingMoor

After 3 years of research, note taking, and plotting, 1 year, 2 months, and 3 days of writing, and months of editing, I present to the world, the epic African-Moorish, Historical Fiction novel, A Company of

Moors—with no commercial interruption.


North Africa, 1640. Welcome to al-Mari Ifriq, a small city dreaming of its borders to reach the coast. Its dusty, unpaved roads and small districts set the unofficial borders, providing

reminders of the minor squabbles initiated by surrounding maritime companies that vie for control of each other, the city, and the entire region of Odongo-Mauharim. Thus sets the grand African tale of Moorish Company Bosses, corsairs, and kingdoms involved in all manner of legitimate and illicit politics.

Join the adventure of three African states. The first, a city ruled by corsair politics. The second, a Kingdom on the brink of war. The last, a nomadic nation marked by Europeans for enslavement.

Corsairs. Revolutionary warriors. Merchants, slavers, and gangsters.

Join the Company...

A Company of Moors can be (ordered) and purchased at all bookstores, and is also available on amazon.com in paperback and Kindle. Follow the links provided to your preferred site for purchase.

Amazon.com (Paperback/Kindle)

Barnes & Noble

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