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harry brown

Mama, Where"s. Daddy?

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Jelani, Walks To His Inner City Shool With Friends,As The Rain Falls From Above.His Mother Is Who He Is Thinking Of.Another  Fatherless Black Boy He Has Become One Of.His Father Left His Mother Alone.To Raise Their Children On Her Own..To Other Women,Pimp Houses,He Chose To Flee.Like Women,Having Sex, But Being A Father ,He No Longer  Wanted  That Responsibility..His Father A Black Man With No Purpose.Helping. His Mother Raise His Brothers,He. Must.His Father Gave His Family No Affection Or Inspiration.Did Not Give His Sons Motivation  Or Determination.Jelani,Listening,Often His Mother Has Cried.The Biterness ,Heartache,Pain And Anger He Can No Longer Hide..Inner City Is Surrounding Them Day To Day.Racist White Police ,Black Street Gangs Like Predators Waiting  To Pounce Upon Prey.Not Wanting To Be A Father To His Children Any More,The Explanation..As Jelani,Watching His Mother In Misery And Desperation.Jelani,Will No Longer Yearn.For His Father Who Has No Plans To Return..

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