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Request Review of Book on Manhood and Masculinity

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My name is Dr. Robert Daylin Brown

My new book is called "Joker to King: Your 52-Week Initiation into Manhood"

Publication date is May 25, 2016

ISBN:  978-069272778

In December of 2012, my youngest brother (who was 21-years-old at the time) was having difficulties in life.  He had already dropped out of two colleges, he was hanging with the wrong crowd, he lost his job, and he was thinking of doing something illegal out of desperation.  Right after Christmas he called me and asked if I could teach him how to be a man. What followed was a series of lessons I wrote that gradually led my brother into responsible manhood.  That series of manhood lessons became the foundation of my new book Joker to King: Your 52-Week Initiation into Manhood.

Joker to King is the first book of its kind. While there are plenty of books that explore issues of masculinity and manhood, Joker to King is the first book that combines lessons, story examples, and real assignments for readers to practice each week in order to develop into stronger and substantially more responsible men. The 52 lessons in Joker to King are organized according to the 52 playing cards in a deck, allowing readers to practice their manhood lessons within a full 52-week calendar year. By the end of the book, readers will understand how to better manage relationships, manage and build resources, manage work and home environments, and most importantly, manage themselves.  


The link for the book's Amazon page can be found by clicking HERE.

Thank you.

--Dr. Brown



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