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Chrishayden has a Bill Cosby Moment!!!

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As I returned to my apartment for the evening, I chanced to come across some new tenants a woman and her small children sitting on the porch.. All three of them, even the little kids (especially them) looked as though somebody had "whupped them with an ugly stick"

I spoke to them. They all looked at me evilly.

Hmphhh, I hmpph entering my crib. They didn't look too friendly. I likes my colored folks happy and smilin'. Must be mad because they woke up black this morning. Probably blaming all their troubles on the white man. Probably the woman's fault. You know how Black women is, those dusky servants of Satan.

I was going on about this when another tenant of the place stopped by. Told me about this terrific windstorm that had blown up. I was in another part of the city and it rained, hard, but that's all.

Trees down. Power out. Lighting struck the building or damn near. Huge tree down right across the street (that I had ignored getting in they beeswax)

I guess I would have been a little standoffish, too eh?

Do I owe them an apology?

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