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Where's LeBron when we need him?

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Things are really heating up in Cleveland. Latest trending topic sending the media into a frenzy, is the blatant plagiarism committed by Melania Trump, who in her speech at the Republican convention, lifted lines verbatim from a previous speech by Michelle Obama wherein the first lady made references to the ethical values that she shared with her husband, Barack.  Melania's faux pas has proven to be a great distraction and Republicans are trying hard to blow it off while the talking heads covering the convention, not to mention gleeful Democrats, and Twitter tweeters are having a field day over this gaffe.  Not hard to imagine that all this is a sign of things to come. 

This prickly incident brought to my mind a line from another speech, - the one delivered by social activist/Grey's Anatomy actor, Jesse Williams, when he accepted his BET humanitarian Award "demeaning our creations then stealing them."   White folks have always co-opted black style and slang, and the way this particular theft  has backfired, is a form of poetic justice.  LOL

 It's unsettling how this presidential campaign being waged between the Conservative, Evangelical Republicans and the Liberal Socialist Democrats is becoming more like a war between 2 countries instead of a race between 2 parties.  Will America end up with a president who resembles an alien from another planet and a first lady who is an alien from another country? Or will ol Hillary weather the storm under the umbrella provided by the "lesser-of-2-evils" voters?  We shall see when the last act of this farce is played out in November.     

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