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You of the Moyo clan, do you know who you are?

Have you not parted multitudes with the rod of the spear?
Have you not ruled longer (through the mutapa's) for a thousand years?
Longer than any other royal family on the face of this planet save the Japanese emperor .
Do you and your vassals not have a great tradition of literature in the form of nhetembo (praise poetry)?
Do you not have the only musical instrument in black Africa to have a scale, is not the concept of the musical chord alien to the African mind but yours?

Did you not have a 10 day week to rule over time where the rest of Africa moved by sight ,
depending on the emotions of the moon.
What audacity that you be called "Dewa" (god),
that at the stretch of your hand you might reach the heavens, to cause celestial bodies to fall,
that Mambo should not eat if it not be on a plate made out of the moon.'

Was Mambo not forced to speak behind a veil of white sheet when he addressed his subjects , lest they see him and be stricken.
Was there not a university at Dzimbabgwe where all the legitimate sons of you vassal chiefs were raised and educated.

Oh how reality twists and turns in agony, aching to watch you move. A kaleidoscope of ontologies your being.
But alas(!) it is all futility, echoes of praise fit for nothing more than your shadow.....

.................................................Moyo!?!?..................Who *are* you? <confused>

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