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$20 off an Uber Ride and $15 off Google Express


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From time to time I run ads on this website that have nothing to do with books, but are services that I actually use and have no problem endorsing.

Of course I never link to a corporate site without getting something in return. In this case the people I refer get a meaningful discount.  In the case of Uber, this can cover a entire ride.  In the case of Google Express, it can mean a few free boxes of cereal from Costco.

But the real benefit, from my perspective is that I earn an additional referral fees for anyone I get to sign up.  Plus those that I sign up can get the same benefits I do when they, in turn, get others to try these services. 

This can translate into real money, indeed many websites' business models are founded on this approach. Of course getting people to sign up for just Uber or Google Express is not a long term business strategy (think pyramid scheme or MLM), because you have a finite number of potential clients, they can sold by anyone, and they can only sign up once. As a result, these activities have limited periods of viability for making money.

But there are, I'm sure, a few people left out there who have still not tried Uber or Google Express. I think the coupon is worth giving Uber and Google Express a try--even if you can't be bothered trying to refer anyone else.

Sign up now to claim your free gift from Troy ($20 off first ride)*.
Free delivery from Costco with Google Express use code 472JNF2DY & get $15 off
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