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Prison Yards And Grave Yards!

harry brown

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Black Men What Is This Inner City Killing Madness? In Inner City Black Communities There Is More Sadness Than Gladness. Street Gangs Killings, So Many Lives Lost. Black Men Helping White Supremacy With The Black Holocaust. Black Politicians  , Black Churches, Not Unity Organized. They Seem To Be Ignoring The Black On Black Murder Crimes.. As Each Night And Day. Racist White Police Hunt Black Males Like Predators Hunting Prey.Black Children Cannot Have Ambition, To Thrive. When Each Day They Struggle To Survive.. Inner Cities, War Zones, Ghetto Concentration Camps, Place Of Dwell.Racist White Political, They Organize Poor Schools For Black Children To Fail... Racist White, Do Not Want Black  Communities, To Be Places Of Unity And Bliss.With Chaos And Lifes Destruction, Black Unity Will Not Exist...

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