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Poet, Author, Heru Ptah — Still Grinding


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I ran into poet, author, Heru Ptah at the Brooklyn Book festival on Sunday. Now Heru has been published by a major publisher, he has appeared on HBO's Def Jam, and he was book writer for the Broadway Musical Hot Feet.  He has accomplished a lot. 

But he is still "grinding" like a self published author.  Walking the fair hand selling books person to person.  

This is the way Heru was discovered, hand selling books on a NYC subway.  He sold a book to the publishing director of MTV Books and got a "mid-5-figure" book deal.  Some authors, after getting a book deal stop self promoting (assuming they ever promoted their own work at all).  You can't stop--especially if you are Black.

Heru approached me at the fair and I've created content to promote his work as a result.  

To be clear, selling books on a New York City subway is not for everyone.  Even if one were inclined to do it, some might consider it too aggressive or intrusive a tactic to use.

Whatever your technique, you have to actively promote you work even after you "make it."



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