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The Thibodaux Massacre

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"The Thibodaux Massacre: Racial Violence and the 1887 Sugar Cane Labor Strike" by John DeSantis will be released Nov. 14 by The History Press. The book tells the story of how white sugar planters and townspeople committed a mass murder in Thibodaux, La., ending a month-long strike of determined and courageous field workers from two parishes. The story includes, for the first time, voices of black survivors culled from forgotten files. Learn more at www,johndesantis.org. Autographed copies can be pre-ordered there. Non-autographed copies can also be ordered on Amazon.com. 

John's prior books include "For The Color of His Skin: The Murder of Yusuf Hawkins and the Trial of Bensonhurst." For more information or to have questions email 1887thibodaux@gmail.com



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