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Tomb For Unknown Slaves!

harry brown

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In New Orleans, There Is A Memorial For Slaves, A Chained Cross, With Shackles Upon It. Remembering The Slaves ,That Were Chained, Shackled ,Naked Kept In Pens Before They Were, Auctioned And Sold. Slaves That Were Beaten With Whips, When They Did Not Do What They Were Told. After Slaves Separated, Slave Parents Trying To Escape To Their Child, Again To Hold. Slaves That Died From Disease And Those Deliberately Left Outside In Winter Cold. Slaves That Escaped And Traveled The Underground Railroad. Slaves Hearing About Nat Turner Rebellion, Beaten And Murdered If They Were That Bold. Slaves That Built New Orleans And Picked  The Crop That Growed ..In New Orleans, Memorial , A Chained Cross, With Shackles Upon It For New Orleans Slaves. Respect For Those Lying  Unknown In Graves...

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