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Lol...you can't make this stuff up!!

Guest Dee Miller

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Guest Dee Miller

When you sit back and recall the funny things that come out of a child's mouth, you can't help but laugh. The innocence is priceless as you sit back and watch them try to figure out how to navigate this world.

what I find even funnier is listening to them as they near adulthood - the conversations that take place as they now try to figure out how to navigate the world that they 'think' they're ready for.

then, the conversations that take place as adults when they reflect about the past and share how they interpreted words, conversations, and phrases that they heard in their younger years - even they have to laugh at themselves. 

Of course there are those unspoken conversations that take place between adults that are side-cracking funny!!! And that's not to mention funny situations that you've gotten yourself into...lol!!!

this book promises to make you LOL!!

Clip from one story with my son, titled, 'Figurative v Fact'

my son, who's now in his 20's came into town to attend my daughters graduation. Long story short , he and I were sitting in the kitchen talking when he reminded me about a conversation we had when he was 11 years old.  he said, 'mom, do you remember picking me up from school when I was in 5th or 6th grade and I asked you what a prostitute is, and you told me that it's most often a women who sells her body for money?' 'Then I asked why and you said, 'well sometimes they are desperate and need money to feel their baby or need money for medicine, or to pay their rent, and sometimes they are just confused and looking for love in all the wrong places.' 

My now 25 year old son at age 11 interpreted, 'a women who sells her body for money' to mean that she actually dismantled her body and sold those parts for money!! He said that he use to wonder what happened to her once she sold her arms, her legs, her hair, her heart. He then said the when he saw a woman standing on a corner he use to wish he could give them money so they wouldn't have to sell their body.

Doesn't that just go to show you how the mind of a child operates?  We then laughed and laught out loud!!

read more funny and relatable short stories by purchasing my book on Amazon.com

Lol...you can't make this stuff up!!  By Dee Miller

ISBN-13: 978-1502341402 (CreateSpace-Assigned) 
ISBN-10: 1502341409 
BISAC: Humor / General

This book contains real life, hysterically funny, short stories that will truly make you LOL! It's a great education about how kids interpret conversations & how adult verbal and nonverbal expressions make one LOL! Great entertainment at parties, great discussions for book clubs, and funny stories that will lift your spirit!




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