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Brown King Nativity.

harry brown

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The Black Church Bell Loudly.Ring. Go Tell It On The Mountain,Children Choir Joyfully Sing. The Preacher Speaks ,As I Speak Of The Christmas Long Ago,Luke 2_1_21,As I Read The Scriptures. ,A Brown Baby Nativity,In Your Mind Picture...One Of The Three Kings ,Was Black Who Rode A Camel'S Back. He Came From The Land Where Kings Are Black. They Travelled Far Day And Night.. Guided By A Mystical Light. When They Got To Bethlehem. They Bring Gifts As They,Kneel.Down To Him. Gifts Of Myrrh,Frankincense And Gold. The Brown Baby King In The Manager Was A Glorious  Sight To Behold... As We Prepare To Be With Family And Rejoice,Christmas To Rejoice. I Speak Of Singer Joe Ligon,Passing Of A Great Gospel Singing Voice.. Love,Sharing And Giving..Let Us Not Forget Those Who Are No Longer Living...

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