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"Our Bond" (Promo) for Book Can I Sell You a Dream?

Guest JuST D@RiUS

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Guest JuST D@RiUS

Love at first sight you can say hey I know what I like and I love what I see put you in the middle she’s JuST for me flirted at every chance I get never was one to quit teased me wit the leggings knowin’ I would want a feel JuST a pitch to see if it’s real. Well, at least I tired how about a bet or a quiet deal just a kiss anywhere but I expect the lips took a while for us to enter this relationship

lets not break up over fights those situationships  work it out for the relationship always seems to bring me back when my hands go around those hips. Damn girl you even smack your lips in between every kiss dis your ex everytime I see him JuST to get him pissed we went through all of this and we still together if that’s not love I don’t know what is beyond affection that’s no

question live for each other that’s the only lesson. Never will find love if you don’t look for the message from The Mother of Nature and her essence.


Black love story "Can I Sell You a Dream?" Coming Feb. 14 

p.s. I may drop a free one every week until then stay tuned. 

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