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Slave Burial Ground.

harry brown

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Another Graveyard Of Slaves. Looking.At Them,A Eerieness Toward Me Creeps. Crumbling Slave Headstones,Spanish Moss Covered Trees,Trees Upon The Ground,Crumbled Headstones Beneath. Among The Bushes,Unmarked Slave Plots All Around...Wondering About Ancient Slave Burial Grounds..Stealing Away,Slaves Helping Slaves Escape.Those Caught,Whipped Or Death Was Their Fate. Runaway Slaves,Caught By Demonic Slave Catchers And Their Demonic Hounds.Wondering About Ancient Slave Burial Grounds..Century And More,Slaves Bones Have Become Dust,Some Were Buried With Chains. There Bondage,Their Tears,Their Pain..All The Years,And The Seasons.Do They Know,Their Graves,By Their Own People Have Been.Forgotten And Abandoned?After Death,Freedom,Has Spirits Of Slaves Found?Wondering About Ancient Slave Burial Grounds...

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