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Video and Images from the 2017 Harlem Literary Brunch


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The Annual Harlem Literary Bunch was co-hosted by Morgan Stanley and 37 Ink an imprint of Simon and Schuster (another reason I'm not boycotting the entire publishing company)



Going clockwise from top left are; Janet Hill Talbert, former VP and executive editor at Doubleday now owner of On This Rock Jewelry with author Brian Keith Jackson; I believe this brother is one of the co-owners of the restaurant (someone please correct me and provide a name); Dawn Davis VP and Publisher of 37 Ink with Author and Morgan Stanley Managing Director, Sandra L. Richards;   Malaika Adero, author and former VP at Atria Books who now runs the boutique book development and literary agency Literary Tribe/ALT, with iconic literary agent Faith Childs; author Tiffany Dufu with bookstore owner Noëlle Santos, who Chris Burns hipped me to, coincidentally. the very same day plans to open the only bookstore in the Bronx; and me, Troy Johnson, with Wendy Hilliard, a former Gymnast who runs the Wendy Hilliard Gymnastic Foundation. 

The following videos are readings that took place during the event.  A full brunch was served.  Copies of all the books were provided.  The venue was Minton's Restaurant, which the venue as the of the historic Monton's Playhouse, a short walk from where I live, one of the great things about Harlem.

Erica Armstrong Dunbar reads her book on Ona Judge the Runaway Slave President Washington Pursued His Entire Life


Tiffany Dufu Explains How to Achieve More by Doing Less 


Super Model Pat Cleveland Reads from her Memoir


Sandra L. Richards reads from Children’s Book RICE AND ROCKS 





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