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African American History Museum,Trump.

harry brown

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The Lunatic President Trump Was At The African American,History Museum..He Says He Will Combat Bigotry,Racism. And Unite The Country .Dr. Ben Carson,Silent,Behind Trump. Trump Has Racist,KKK,White Supremacist People He Has Appointed To Political Positions. Jewish  Places There Have Been ,Attacked,Hate Crimes On The News,Swastika Graffiti . Trump Not One Word About Racist White Police,Murdering Black Males..The Charleston Church,Terrorist Dylan. Roof Was Planning To Attack Other,Black Churches.....Dr. Ben Carson ,His 3 Sons Want,Be Shot Down By Racist White Police. He Believes No Racist People,In Trump's Presidential Cabinet .....Amazing..Protest Against Trump Goes On,White Republicans With Obama care,Vocally Attacking Republicans,They Want To Keep Their,Obama care.....

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