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Book Review Request: Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety

Guest B.L. Brown

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Guest B.L. Brown

Title: Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety

Author: B.L. Brown

ISBN-13: 978-1541242272


Accidental shootings by children have become a growing problem in the United States. Research has indicated Georgia is the leader with more per-capita incidents than any other state.  The safety of our nation’s children has been held hostage by an ongoing debate about who should be able to legally possess a firearm and this is not right. Statistics show an increase in accidental shootings by children in the 0-3 range and 13-17 year-old range.  The age in which children become curious with any and everything has proven to be dangerous to their well-being.  After researching these incidents I felt, as a certified law enforcement officer, I had to do something. After a conversation with my 16 year old niece and 6 year old nephew we decided to write a book about gun safety.  It should be noted these incidents of accidental shootings by children can occur in any home where children and firearms are present. They are occurring in every community throughout the United States. 


The book titled Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety, although a children’s book, it provides parents with the necessary tools to begin a conversation about gun safety with their children.  The book has diverse characters and follows Robert, Heather and Juan on their adventure as they locate a firearm and work through problem solving processes to determine what to do with the firearm.  The children are introduced to Brownie Bear who provides instruction on gun safety.  

It is imperative that parents discuss gun safety with their children, regardless of whether they believe in possessing firearms or not. In a society where firearms are so prevalent there is always the possibility that a child will come into contact with a firearm.

I hope this book will increase awareness of the need for gun safety for children and move law makers to enact laws that will increase opportunities for gun safety awareness just as they did with drug awareness and fire safety.


About the author: Ms. B.L. Brown has been a law enforcement professional for over 16 years which included community oriented policing, field training officer, detective, senior instructor and supervisor. She has utilized the knowledge obtained throughout her career to teach various classes at both state and regional training academies. She has created training programs for law enforcement agencies involving field training and criminal investigations.

Ms. Brown received a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Henderson State University, a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Troy University in addition to Criminal Justice coursework towards a management certificate.

Ms. Brown is passionate about education and criminal justice and works to meld these disciplines to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the citizens they serve.   Ms. Brown is also the author of The Justice Academy What You Should Know which is an easy to follow guide to the American Criminal Justice System.


Author’s website: 


Purchase at Createspace:  https://www.createspace.com/6810553

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Accidental shootings by children have become an increasing problem throughout this country. Although parents tell their children not to touch their firearms there are still instances in which children have gained access to firearms and the result is either death or serious bodily injury to the child or someone else. Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety is a great means for parents to introduce their children to gun safety, regardless of whether you own a firearm or not. Visit  thejusticeacademywhatyoushouldknow.comBookCoverPreview.thumb.jpeg.e742a6f82c6714056e9f1d060ada601a.jpeg

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A 5 year old took a firearm to school and immediately notified school staff about the firearm in her backpack. Because of her actions there was no accidental shooting at her school that day. She did exactly what the book talks about and was rewarded for her actions by receiving a copy of the book, a bear and a congratulatory note for her actions. 

Sadly, last week a 13 year old boy took his life as he accidentally shot himself while playing with a firearm live on Instagram. This shooting proves you don't have to have a gun in your home to teach your children about gun safety. This book is a valuable resource.  Check out our website at thejusticeacademywhatyoushouldknow.com

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