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  1. The Justice Academy What You Should Know was a short easy to understand book about the American Criminal Justice System. It was written in a simplistic format to encourage citizens to learn more about police officers and the American Criminal Justice System. The Justice Academy What You Should Know-Second Edition is a game changer for police/citizen interactions! As incidents involving the use of deadly force bombards our social media feeds, various entities call for more police training. While police officers obtain additional training in interacting with the public citizens are left to depend on them to change. Wait no more there is finally a book written by a police officer that provides relevant information to avoid interacting with police, what should occur during a police encounter and what to do if that encounter does not end positively. Coming in August...The latest book by B.L. Brown The Justice Academy What You Should Know-Second Edition. This book is a game changer in police/citizen interactions! This book informs the public about what the police do, what they should be doing, how to avoid interactions with the police and what to do if those interactions are less than positive. It talks about case law that guides officers in the performance of their duties and why they rarely get prosecuted. It is the public's training guide to interacting with police. Get the book on Amazon in August and join me at the Decatur, GA Book Festival September 1-3, where the book will be featured in the emerging author tent. To learn more about the author and her books visit thejusticeacademywhatyoushouldknow.com
  2. This book was featured on CBS 46 Atlanta. http://www.cbs46.com/clip/13467920/book-promotes-gun-safety
  3. I like 1. There is no doubt the recipient would be identified as a best seller.
  4. A 5 year old took a firearm to school and immediately notified school staff about the firearm in her backpack. Because of her actions there was no accidental shooting at her school that day. She did exactly what the book talks about and was rewarded for her actions by receiving a copy of the book, a bear and a congratulatory note for her actions. Sadly, last week a 13 year old boy took his life as he accidentally shot himself while playing with a firearm live on Instagram. This shooting proves you don't have to have a gun in your home to teach your children about gun safety. This book is a valuable resource. Check out our website at thejusticeacademywhatyoushouldknow.com
  5. Another accidental shooting in St. Louis. A 12 year old boy was killed after playing with a firearm. Education is needed!
  6. Accidental shootings by children have become an increasing problem throughout this country. Although parents tell their children not to touch their firearms there are still instances in which children have gained access to firearms and the result is either death or serious bodily injury to the child or someone else. Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety is a great means for parents to introduce their children to gun safety, regardless of whether you own a firearm or not. Visit thejusticeacademywhatyoushouldknow.com