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  1. Imagine sitting down to play Monopoly without knowing the rules. Do you think you could win? Interacting with the police is similar and knowing the rules can help make those interactions more positive. Read Rules of Engagement: Mending Citizen/Police Interactions. "This is not a book directed at the public schools, but there are portions that I believe should be part of every high school curriculum. Get this book. It will help adults, and provide guidance for children. Five stars for usefulness!"—Robert A. Margulies
  2. Hey Troy! I think the Decatur Book Festival is awesome but it's the only one I have attended. This was my second year. They have a large tent for emerging authors. Basically anyone who doesn't want to purchase their own booth. Overall I think its pretty good lots of great authors, speakers and food. Thank you for adding the video!
  3. Imagine sitting down to play the game Monopoly without having the rules. Do you think you could win the game? In some instances, people find themselves unable to interact with police officers because they do not know the rules. Look no further the book Rules of Engagement: Mending Citizen/Police Interactions is a resource for citizens to learn the rules necessary to interact with police officers. Purchase your copy today at Amazon.com follow me on Facebook @Justiceacademybridge and Twitter @Justiceacademy2
  4. What a great time I had @Decatur Book Festival! I spoke to lots of people about teaching their children about the dangers of firearms in addition to positive interactions with police. If you have an opportunity purchase Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety and/or Rules of Engagement: Mending Citizen/Police Interactions at Amazon.com .
  5. Troy, I too wish you could make it. I am so excited. Thank you so much for the profile page! You are the best! Enjoy your evening. Bridgette
  6. Join me at Decatur Book Festival September 1-3 in Downtown Decatur, Georgia. My two latest books Rules of Engagement Mending Police/Citizen Interactions and Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety will be featured in the Emerging Author Tent.
  7. NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS EXCLUSIVELY AT CREATESPACE AN AFFILIATE OF AMAZON Please copy and paste the link to purchase. https://www.createspace.com/7293518 For the past few years there has been an abundance of highly publicized negative citizen/police interactions. Police Officers are required to attend training to help them interact positively with the public; however, there is no training to assist the public in interacting with the police. Rules of Engagement: Mending Citizen/Police Interactions is a game changer. This book informs the public about what the police do, w
  8. Excellent information! The section on how African American Literature is doing was very encouraging to me as a new author. Thank you!
  9. The Justice Academy What You Should Know was a short easy to understand book about the American Criminal Justice System. It was written in a simplistic format to encourage citizens to learn more about police officers and the American Criminal Justice System. Coming in August...The latest book by B.L. Brown Rules of Engagement: Mending Citizen/Police Interactions This book is a game changer in police/citizen interactions! This book informs the public about what the police do, what they should be doing, how to avoid interactions with the police and what to do if those interactions a
  10. This book was featured on CBS 46 Atlanta. http://www.cbs46.com/clip/13467920/book-promotes-gun-safety
  11. I like 1. There is no doubt the recipient would be identified as a best seller.
  12. A 5 year old took a firearm to school and immediately notified school staff about the firearm in her backpack. Because of her actions there was no accidental shooting at her school that day. She did exactly what the book talks about and was rewarded for her actions by receiving a copy of the book, a bear and a congratulatory note for her actions. Sadly, last week a 13 year old boy took his life as he accidentally shot himself while playing with a firearm live on Instagram. This shooting proves you don't have to have a gun in your home to teach your children about gun safety. This book is
  13. Another accidental shooting in St. Louis. A 12 year old boy was killed after playing with a firearm. Education is needed!
  14. Accidental shootings by children have become an increasing problem throughout this country. Although parents tell their children not to touch their firearms there are still instances in which children have gained access to firearms and the result is either death or serious bodily injury to the child or someone else. Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety is a great means for parents to introduce their children to gun safety, regardless of whether you own a firearm or not. Visit thejusticeacademywhatyoushouldknow.com
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