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Burn Baby Burn?


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Ironic that on an African American book discussion page we have not discussed the proposed public burning of the Quran by that Florida minister and others.

I suppose the man has the right to burn anything he wants to as long as he physically does not harm anybody or violate any environmental or safety laws and ordinances. He probably could not do it in the St. Louis City limits outside at least, because we have ordinances against fires outside.

I suppose he could burn it here in his church.

And I suppose folks ought to understand that burning a book cannot harm them--then wonder what would happen if he had said Bibles instead.

Actually he and those who support him (who seem to be in a distinct minority, Praises Be to the Omnipotent Creator, Most Just and Merciful)are making themselves look real stupid.

And it can't help but cause trouble for Americans abroad.

Again, think of burning a Bible in the Vatican. Maybe you'd get some violence there?

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