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Children's Book Festival 2017

Melica Niccole

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The Children's Book Festival for 2017 is back!!!

Are you a children's book author, business, or individual who would like to support children based programs? This event is definitely for you then. We are currently looking for 3 more authors or sponsors/vendors for this event. The event will taken placed on Saturday, September 16, 2017 in Camden, New Jersey in collaboration with the Haddon Avenue Street Festival, which is an event with an anticipated attendance of 500+ people.

Interested in attending the first Children’s Book Festival in 2017 sponsored by ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC? This event will be held in association with the Haddon Avenue Street Festival at the Parkside Learning Garden.
Registration for authors, illustrators, and sponsors will start in November 2016. You have until May 31, 2017 to register as an author or sponsor. We are looking for 10 authors to participate in this event, seven of which will be featured authors and 3 will be regular authors. As a featured author, you would get a table, name badge, publicity on various social media websites, membership into the Social Exchange Group, information featured on a whole page of the ad/program booklet, included in newsletters for each company, and an opportunity to read your book to the children.
Sponsors should contact ADC Kid or Melica Niccole for more information. Please see 2017 flyer below for details. Below you will also find a link to sponsoring the event, previous sponsors, and well-known artists who have attended the event.



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Hi everyone,

I know it has been a while since I updated you about the 2nd Annual Children's Book Festival this Saturday. We truly hope you attend. This year we will give out 35 book bags to children, which is an increase of 30 book bags from last year. There has also been an increase of authors and sponsors, as you will see by clicking the link below. Check out the Ad Booklet for our upcoming event this Saturday by clicking the link below.
Hope to see you there!!


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