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  1. In thinking about poetry, we have to pay homage to those before us. Without them, how can we be? This is the very reason I wrote "Respect". "Respect" was published in my fourth book of poetry, Renaissance of the Psyche, in November 2017. I hope this poem inspires and encourages other poets. Respect I have to give respect where respect is due This poetry thing has never been new The greats before us paved the way for us To lyrically flow and make a stand for us We have to pay homage to the present and past Because it’s with past that our
  2. Thank you @Verdelle Lambert. I am glad you liked it.
  3. Meet me at half of pi That’s 1.57079632679 Square units from our starting point It’s half of a moon Half of the distance that it takes For my eyes to encounter yours Half of the time spent letting true love find me When all I had to do was meet true love half way If only Pi would have meant more to me When I was a Geometry test taker With no real equation to apply The rationale of it all Now I sit here Carefully examining the equation D = 2r Which, if calculated correctly Displays the midpoint between you and I If this circle that I speak so hig
  4. Hi @Faith U. I would love to be featured on your poetry blog. Do you have Twitter or Instagram? I can message you my email address. I go under Melica Niccole on both sites.
  5. Hi everyone, I know it has been a while since I updated you about the 2nd Annual Children's Book Festival this Saturday. We truly hope you attend. This year we will give out 35 book bags to children, which is an increase of 30 book bags from last year. There has also been an increase of authors and sponsors, as you will see by clicking the link below. Check out the Ad Booklet for our upcoming event this Saturday by clicking the link below. Hope to see you there!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0U0TuGBy_AbbVExc3JZTjZ5Nlk/view?usp=sharing --
  6. Hi everyone! So... I am working on releasing my fourth book of poetry by the end of this year or early next year. This is a poem that I wrote sometime last year. I was all in my feelings about love and how I missed love, but I really didn't know love. I Miss You I miss you And I really don’t even know you My spirit wants to vibe And flow with you Free style together And go toe to toe with you Travel to a distant land And cuddle with you I just want to hold you Our bodies come together And create a mold of you Singing Back
  7. ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC Presents The Second Annual Children’s Book Festival in Conjunction with PBCIP’s Annual Haddon Avenue Street Festival Contact: ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC For Immediate Release Email: iamadckid@gmail.com and Info@HamptonPublishingHouse.com ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC have made the Children’s Book Festival an annual event. The first festival, which took place in September of 2016, was very successful in obtaining all proposed authors, acquiring more than 10 sponsors
  8. The Children's Book Festival for 2017 is back!!! Are you a children's book author, business, or individual who would like to support children based programs? This event is definitely for you then. We are currently looking for 3 more authors or sponsors/vendors for this event. The event will taken placed on Saturday, September 16, 2017 in Camden, New Jersey in collaboration with the Haddon Avenue Street Festival, which is an event with an anticipated attendance of 500+ people. Interested in attending the first Children’s Book Festival in 2017 sponsored by ADC Kid and Hampton Publishin
  9. As I got back into my workout regimen last weekend, I was in my feelings about all the things that had taken place lately. I needed an outlet, so I decided to write this poem. Shattered windows. Shattered dreams. Ulterior motives it seems. Pieces of him. Pieces of me. It’s just too bad the blind are the first to see. Legacies undone. A man gone before the sun. Set on his life. Fatherless kids gloom amongst the ranks. Souls torn for they have witnessed the Shawshank before the redemption. It’s sad because some may never get this. The past remain the present with heavily coated makeup. Cove
  10. ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC Connects with Affiliates from the Haddon Avenue Street Festival to Implement the Children’s Book Festival in Conjunction with an Annual Event in Camden, New Jersey Contact: ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC For Immediate Release Email: iamadckid@gmail.com and Info@HamptonPublishingHouse.com ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC have been very busy recruiting authors, illustrators, sponsors, and partnerships for the Children’s Book Festival. These companies have been in conver
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