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About this blog

Every year, I am always dedicating a portion of my time organizing book drives, implementing children's book festivals, and other events geared toward helping our youth excel in reading, writing, or some type of literacy activity. I consider this paying it forward because the children who participate in these events gain knowledge, increase their self-esteem, and have the ability to pay it forward to others like them in the future. Please read below for two events on how I am paying it forward and how you also can pay it forward:


New York Book Bag Drive

Hampton Publishing House, LLC, Rahway Publishing Girlz, and Children's Author, Anthony Tucker, would like to request your help in collecting book bags. We are looking for help in acquiring 50 - 100 book bags filled with school supplies to provide the children and school of Learning Through Play Pre-K. These book bags will be given to students between the ages of 5 - 10 years of age. Please include #Kleenex, paper towels, #handsanitizer, desk and hand wipes, safety scissors, #notebooks, #rulers, #pencils, #crayons, #markers, children books, and a note of encouragement in starting a new year of school. We also accept #donations, which will be used to purchase #bookbags and #schoolsuppliesfor students and schools. Book bags and donations will be collected between 6/1/18 - 8/1/18. If you would like to donate money instead of book bags, please contact us for details at Hampton@gmail.com.


Youth Political Event (Ohio)

ABC Nepal and Hampton Publishing House, LLC have joined together with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. to implement a youth political event in Ohio. More details are going soon in regards to the event name, location, and ways in which you can sponsor.


It is very detrimental that we assist our youth by providing them with the tools to be successful. I had a literacy advocate as a child, who helped me enroll in reading programs, math programs, and kept me mentally engaged into reading and writing. My aunt was the literacy advocate. She provided me with a world outside of my neighborhood through books.


Want more information about how you can pay it forward? Visit my site at:  https://squareup.com/store/info-at-hamptonpublishinghouse-dot-com.


Melica :wub:

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