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Melica Niccole is a native resident of Columbus, Ohio where she is an author, poet, and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. While previously residing in New Jersey, she co-founded an annual Children’s Book Festival, collected over 250 children’s books for literacy drives, and helped collect book bags filled with school supplies for elementary students in New York.


Melica has a master's degree in Science Administration with a concentration in Health Services and a certificate in Human Resources from Central Michigan University. Her Bachelor's of Arts is in Health Promotion and Fitness from Otterbein University. Currently, she has written and published 21 books, 8 of which are focused on children’s literature and one as a self-help book for natural supports, families, and individuals with developmental disabilities looking to gain competitive employment.


Melica was awarded the Diversity (2018) and Leadership and Citizenship Awards (2019) from Otterbein University due to her work with planning and creating programming and collecting literacy items for disadvantaged populations.

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