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About Me

Melica Niccole was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and now resides in New Jersey. She developed a fondness of writing and creating things at an early age. Writing was a creative expressive technique that she used to talk about various subject matters such as relationships, domestic violence, friendships, and more. These subject matters were mainly expressed in the form of poetry. 

After graduating from college, Melica sought to be a published author. Although Melica did not become a published author right after her undergraduate work at Otterbein, the drive and determination within her stayed the same. She has preferred performed in front of audiences at The National Black Book Festival, The Ohio State University, Inspired World NYC, Writing Wrongs Poetry, Newark Public Library, and other places around the county. Her had work finally paid off in August 2010 when she release her first book titled, "Dead Wrong."

Melica has a Master's Degree in Health Services, Bachelor's in Health Promotion and Fitness, and is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner. Currently, she works with individuals with Mental Health Diagnoses and have over 10 years of work in the Human Services Field. Her activities include mentoring youth, managing a quarterly newsletter, and supporting local companies with planning and implementing effective programming. Melica love living outside the box and creating new and exciting things. She believes anything is possible with passion and determination.

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