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harry brown

Burning Of .Jesse Washington.

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Envision. As I Begin .To  Describe. Forgotten. Black. History -Horror Of Jesse Washington Burned Alive..  It. Was  1916 --,Beneath, A Waco ,Texas  Sun. When The Lynching Of Black, Teenager Jesse Washington Had Begun .He  Was Found Guilty -_----Of Raping,Killing. A White Woman,Demon White Mob -Dragged Jesse Washington. Out Of The Courtroom Naked,,They -Cut Off,His Penis And Fingers. For .Him ,They Built A -Bonfire..The Torturing And Burning .Of Jesse Washington Went -On For Two,Hours. Many Children Among  The  10,000 -Spectators..Like,Jackals, Morbid Hyenas, White Demon -.Crowd,Laughed And Jumped About. As Jesse -Washington,From, The Burning Pain,Did Cry And Shout..Then -The White Demons  Dragged Jesse Washington's Torso -Through The Streets,As The White Demon Crowds Did Cheer. As Jesse Washington Torso. Was Cut  Up  And Sold  As -Souvenirs ..If There Is A  Evil  Beast. Or Creature  Called The ,Devil..The White Man's Evil Is More Evil Than The Devil's ..,.

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