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Guest Mattye /crowley

I would like a review.

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Guest Mattye /crowley

I'm interested in a book review.

Contact: Mattye Crowley
Phone:   720-722-8561
Email:    inquiries@sankoficjourney.com
Website: sankoficjourney.com


Written By: Mattye Crowley
Illustrations: Fatima Rashad
Colorist: Davian Chester

Sankofa is the story of the West African bird whose name means ‘go back and fetch it’ . Sankofa represents the past, present and future. Young readers will be introduced to the bird, the special meaning of its name and enjoy a brief jaunt through black history as they journey back into time with Sankofa. They will discover Egypt, Queen Hatshepsut, Mansa Musa, Barack Obama and more. Sankofa is geared towards elementary age children but is great learning fun for the entire family.

The book is also accompanied by a corresponding workbook full of various learning activities. Each activity in the workbook reinforces the information in the book along with basic skills like math and problem solving.

About Author

Mattye Crowley was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and is the mother of two. She earned her bachelors in Africana Studies at  Metropolitan State University of Denver. Her interest in writing children’s books came after taking a course in which the class final was converting a scholarly paper into a book for children. The book Sankofa is an introduction into the series Sankofic Journey with the goal of combating internalized racism / prejudice in children of African ancestry at the ages in which the seeds are planted.

Company Bio

Sankofic Journey's mission is to create quality and accurate children’s books along with corresponding educational workbooks in the realms of African and African American history, including African folklore.

Our vision is to educate, inspire and encourage children of African heritage by providing them with a source of fact-based accounts of the experiences, accomplishments and abilities of people of African heritage.

Title : Sankofa

Publication Date : 4/7/2017

Release Date 6/17/2017

Publisher: Self-published / Sankofic Journey

Pages: 34

Genre: Children / Non-Fiction

Paperback with Workbook:978-0-9981415-1-0 $20.00

Hardback with Workbook 978-0-9981415-0-3 $30.00

Kindle/E-Book $10.00

Workbook $5.00

If you are interesting in reviewing a PDF version of the book prior to release please contact us by phone or email.

Sankofic Journey
Going Back and Bringing Forth

Phone: 720-722-8561
Email: inquiries@sankoficjourney.com
Website: sankoficjourney.com

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