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Community Book Center, New Orleans, LA, Fighting to Stay Open


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Community Book Center, cultural hub of black community, fighting to stay open
BY KATY RECKDAHL | Special to The New Orleans Advocate, June 10, 2017


This article is worth reading because it speaks to the fight many are activity engaged in to serve our communities from a cultural perspective.  If we all a profit driven corporations from outside our community do this on our behalf we are lost as a people and will suffer more than we already do.


This article really raises the question I asked in another post about the viability of a book store focused on Black books; are they desired by enough people in the Black community to make it a available business? 


The photo below, of the book store's owner Vera Warren_Williams, was taken by Advocate Staff photographer Scott Threlkeld.



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Guest Rhonda M. Lawson

We can't lose this store.  This is about more than just books.  CBC has been a driving source of support for African American authors since they first open their store more than 30 years ago.  Vera and Mama Jenn have also opened their doors to support other entrepreneurs.  CBC is a meeting place for knowledge, culture, and community.  If our economic dollars are strong enough to help other industries thrive, they should be strong enough to keep businesses in our own communities alive.

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Rhonda, I'm afraid there simply are not enough people who think like you.  CBC may be saved, but unless something changes in our collective consciousness the remaining CBCs across the country will fold.  20 Years ago NYC had several Black owned book stores. Now Black books are sold in the streets of NYC (and even that business has contracted in recent years).  So it is the street or Amazon.

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