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Guest Nubianpoet

Have a good weekend, all! Howdy, Carey.

In Search of You

Happiness is always something we have choices to acquire…and yet it appears at times we must climb peaks in search of why we do the things we do in the name of love…Our lives can become overwhelming to us when we spend moments permitting ourselves to love what we can't possess. It’s like we tease our existence…knowing there are barriers between what truly…is our desires in life. I myself stand stubbornly and have always challenged the barricades in what I want and needed to help make me complete….I have stood in rainfalls drenching because of wanting one more look into your reality. I have walked along the scorching suns like a nomad….searching for the pools of your oasis. I shouted upward bound in the midnight hours waiting for the stars above to answer my call for you. I have navigated along the seas as blissful winds tortured me whispering you were near. I have kneeled and cried cuddling into a fetal position afraid of losing you. There is no distance that will wipe the memory of what you mean to me away. I will stand in my own unhappiness applauding your happiness regardless…of what prevails, always in search of you.

© ES 2010

Dedicated to:Nubianapoet

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