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“Uninformed men make unsafe leaders.”


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WONDERFUL ETHIOPIANS OF THE ANCIENT CUSHITE EMPIRE“Uninformed men make unsafe leaders. that is the primal cause for so many errors of judgment in state and national councils. We look upon them not as statesmen but as promoters of petty politics, for out of their deliberations spring no alleviation of the woes of the world. It is from this lack of understanding in leadership that the world suffers most today. We could discriminate between the true and false in our civilization, if we knew more about primitive culture. The way by which the first man climbed must ever be the human way. Racial prejudices are the greatest menace to world progress. Classes clash because the wealth of the world concentrates more and more in the hands of a few.” —Drusilla Dunjee Houston (Read the full excerpt, better yet buy or borrow the book and read the whole thing)


Man, we have been singing this song for a long time! Houston's book, was originally published in 1926! However she helps identify and address the causes.  I'm going to promote this book for an extended period, because the information is sorely needed.


If you agree please read the book and share the information.  This is not about selling books to make money—it's about sharing knowledge (You know that really should be obviously to anyone with a passing familiarity with the site; if this site was just about making money, it would have ended years ago).

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