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Dee Miller

Don't fit the Script - well I am an Artist, damn it!

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 They say I don't look like an artist - what the hell does that mean?

Are my nails too long? Are my hands to clean?

Is it in my strike? Is it in my walk?

Is it what I say? Is it the way I talk?

Is it because I'm from the projects of upstate New York?

So I had a few fights; Kicked a few asses...does that mean I don't look like an artist?

Hey, I graduated with honors; got my degree. Is that what it takes for you to accept me?

Oh, and I was a small time thief - vandalized my coaches care -

but, I was also a hell of a... hell of a TrackStar.

A Big Sister, computer  programmer  - I'm on top of my game!

Still don't look like an artist? Well that's a damn shame.

Don't know what an artist looks like, but get used to this face...

and ya better learn to love me cause I aint going to place.

I love you. 

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