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Book Review Request- A Life of Turmoil: The Short Stories of Ana Franken, 08150017

Guest by Johanna Sparrow

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Guest by Johanna Sparrow

Please consider my book, A Life of Turmoil: The short stories of Ana Franken, 08150017 for review.  Released on September 16, 2017 (ISBN 978-1976449000).


Ana Franken was a mother and wife, but never a daughter. She lived in a world where abuse and neglect caused her to be permanently saddened. Striving to be noticed in a family where she was considered a ‘nobody’ and forced to do things that no one else in the family wanted to do, was heartbreaking. Even as an adult, Ana struggled to gain her mother’s love but never succeeded. Like a wounded but loyal dog, she kept going back in hopes that just once, her mother would have a desire to see her and show her love. Loving someone in exchange for abuse and neglect is painful. Especially when that someone is your mother. But that was the life of Ana Franken.



For more information visit: www.johannasparrow.com

Book Excerpt: https://aalbc.com/books/excerpt.php?isbn13=9781976449000



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Hi Johanna, of course you book, and all the others shared here will be considered.  I appreciate you posting the AALBC.com link I think you may actually be the first authors to ever do that :) 


I trust readers will check out the excerpt as well.

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