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Pity newsman Juan Williams. NPR fired him cuz he confessed to being unnerved by anybody dressed like Ali Baba or Scherazade who happened to be boarding the same flying carpet with him. This has really sparked a debate.

I'm filled with mixed emotions because I have never cared for the unctuous Williams, but I, too, find garbed Muslims scarey, especially since between prostrating themselves in prayer 5 times a day, brothers of this faith stone their sisters to death should they lose their virginity before marriage. And "Mary" ain't even an Arabic name.

Naturally, conservative zealots are up-in-arms accusing the liberal media, as exemplified by NPR, of violating Juan's first amendments rights. Which is their way of saying that casting a jaundiced eye at "sand niggas" is perfectly permissible and anybody who objects to this is unpatriotic. So there!

Looking down from its lofty stance, NPR has chided Juan for compromising his journalistic integrity by expressing a personal opinion about a controversial subject. Take that, Sarah Palin and Glen Beck!

If I had to choose sides, I think I'd go with with NPR. Giving Williams a vote of confidence, Fox News proceeded to hire him as a full-time commentator, rewarding him with a million-dollar annual salary. Any pin head who ingratiates himself to the Fox network automatically gets a thumbs-down from me.

Furthermore, Williams wasn't simply guilty of expressing his opinion, but the opinion he expressed was a stupid one. Any terrorist planning to hijack a plane would try to look as inconspicuous as possible. Thank you, Allah, for continuing to spare the big city sky scrapers of America!

Lucky us. People watchers got a double-header this week since the Juan Williams brouhaha had to share the spotlight with Supreme Court Clarence Thomas' wife who e-mailed Anita Hill, offering to forgive her if she’d recant the sexual harassment charges she leveled at Dufus Thomas 19 years ago. Not satisfied with her role of a right-wing activist who regularly attacks President Obama, a deluded Virginia Thomas still hasn't gotten over Anita portraying her husband as a dirty old man. I commend Anita Hill for blowing this crazy white ditz off, - something I’m sure Ol Clarence would appreciate Anita doing for him...

Just more reasons for me to detest Republicans. My contempt for them is what forces me to give my support to the stumbling Democrats. Talk about the lesser of two evils. Oops! I forgot about the Tea Party. Make that the lesser of 3 evils.

Oh, well, guess I'll go find some Gays to bully. I'll avoid the "butches", tho, cuz they might kick my ass. Or kiss it.

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