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S.R. Chase

Sidechicks and Mistresses. What happened to our culture?

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Hello AALBC community,
I got so tired of everyone praising these homewreckers. I wrote a suspenseful tale about it about a Senator, a con, and his women. #PrivateBetrayal
I would love to send a free PDF to a member here for a honest review.


My first Amazon review was amazing and unexpected:

"S.R. Chase delivered! An excellent writer who produced a main character that I think so many can relate to. Private Betrayal is an entertaining interpretation and perspective to marriage, cheating, mistresses/sidechicks etc. I know several characters in the book in real life.
Private betrayal did not disappoint. I read through it so fast because I was immersed in the plot. I really could not put the book down. Chase has filled a niche! A mystery with an urban feel for people who have been betrayed in love. The more I read, the more I tried to figure out how it was going to end. Chase never gives any parts away, and at the end my mouth was wide open! I absolutely love the way Chase crafted several stories into an exhilarating climax. This could have been two books easily. I’ll be keeping a watchful eye out and waiting for the next book. S.R. Chase, you have a new fan!"


You can watch the book trailer here:  https://youtu.be/JjqSu3ntZCE

Thanks for reading.


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