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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to present "Private Betrayal" to the AALBC audience. Reviews are welcomed. ABOUT PRIVATE BETRAYAL, a novel by S.R. Chase. The Other Woman? The Other Man? Beware. Charismatic Jeremy Collins was born into a privileged life and has it all. It still isn’t enough to satisfy him. Doors left unopened from his past haunt him. Greed, lust and the opportunity for even greater power occupies his mind every waking moment, corrupting his thoughts which turns him into a dark and sinister presence. Known as a n
  2. So glad to have found this site. Going to join and share the social media!

  3. Hello AALBC community, I got so tired of everyone praising these homewreckers. I wrote a suspenseful tale about it about a Senator, a con, and his women. #PrivateBetrayal I would love to send a free PDF to a member here for a honest review. My first Amazon review was amazing and unexpected: "S.R. Chase delivered! An excellent writer who produced a main character that I think so many can relate to. Private Betrayal is an entertaining interpretation and perspective to marriage, cheating, mistresses/sidechicks etc. I know several characters in the book in real life. Private
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