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Thank you for the opportunity to present "Private Betrayal" to the AALBC audience. Reviews are welcomed.



ABOUT PRIVATE BETRAYAL, a novel by S.R. Chase.


The Other Woman? The Other Man? Beware.


Charismatic Jeremy Collins was born into a privileged life and has it all. It still isn’t enough to satisfy him. Doors left unopened from his past haunt him.


Greed, lust and the opportunity for even greater power occupies his mind every waking moment, corrupting his thoughts which turns him into a dark and sinister presence.


Known as a narcissistic sexual predator, he still attracts plenty of women eager to share his bed. Women who have spent their lives believing a man’s wife is a temporary inconvenience. Women who are willing to risk it all to fulfil the desires of married men from the shadows of their lives hoping to garner wealth, power and synthetic love. 


When Collins plans to use his position as a New York State Senator to pull off a daring heist using sexual harassment, he draws vulnerable women into a web of deceit that stands to net him $50 million dollars. But just how far are they prepared to go to get a piece of it?


In S.R. Chase’s debut novel, prepare yourself for a ride into a dark psychological erotic thriller which carries a stark warning to those prepared to forsake all others in their quest for fortune and influence leaving you with a clear message.







Author:  S.R. Chase | Website:  SRChase.com | Social Media: @SRChase (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Title: Private Betrayal

Genre:  Fiction - Suspense, Contemporary, Thriller

Publisher: Eford Group International LLC (www.efordgroup.com)

Publishing Date: November 9, 2017
ISBN Information:

978-0-9995276-0-3 (Paperback)

978-0-9995276-1-0 (EBook)

978-0-9995276-2-7 (Hardcover)
Retail Sales Information: Amazon, Barnes & Noble


Amazon Reviews:

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Great Book!!!!! “A sleek, smooth, and constantly surprising page~turner...”you can’t wait to find out what happens. This is a story for adults. Characters are really believable and always remember Karma never forgets!!!!!!
ByKa_1TruDivaon November 12, 2017
Format: Paperback
S.R. Chase delivered! An excellent writer who produced a main character that I think so many can relate to. Private Betrayal is an entertaining interpretation and perspective to marriage, cheating, mistresses/sidechicks etc. I know several characters in the book in real life.
Private betrayal did not disappoint. I read through it so fast because I was immersed in the plot. I really could not put the book down. Chase has filled a niche! A mystery with an urban feel for people who have been betrayed in love. The more I read, the more I tried to figure out how it was going to end. Chase never gives any parts away, and at the end my mouth was wide open! I absolutely love the way Chase crafted several stories into an exhilarating climax. This could have been two books easily. I’ll be keeping a watchful eye out and waiting for the next book. S.R. Chase, you have a new fan!


S.R. Chase is an American author, who grew up in New York City.

Chase has been referred to as a voice of new generation in contemporary literature.

S.R. Chase loves writing intriguing suspense thrillers with twist and turns in which the reader can positively use in their daily lives.

Chase loves the television show Criminal Minds and dreamed once of becoming a FBI agent to catch serial killers and pedophiles.

Private Betrayal is Chase's debut novel and Chase believes the entire mistress/sidepiece/sideman cultural should be stopped! Chase is on #TeamFaithful

Chase’s next book is scheduled for the Spring of 2018.






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