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Ghetto Christmas Carol.

harry brown

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Inner City,Christmas Eve Night,Soon Church Bells Will Be Ringing. Christmas  Day Sunrise,Preachers Preaching The Nativity,Choirs,Singing. .Inner City ,Housing Projects ,People There,Christmas Spirit  Within Them ,They Do Not Contain. Because Of The Hardship,Poverty And Pain. Black Mothers,Try To  Make The Place They Dwell A Home. .Because Of Absent Fathers ,They Raise Children Alone. Rejoicing And Singing ,They Are Not In The Mood..For Their Children,,Few Presents,If Any,Not Much Food..Some In Their Homes Have Christmas Trees. Children They Know ,Few Gifts Or None They Will See...Preachers,Talk About Faith And Being Blessed...Preachers,Motivated By Greed, ,Buying Cars And Rich,Homes,They Are Greed Possessed..Because Of Racism,Poverty,No Black Unity,Poor Communities Are Deprived. Difficult To Thrive And Strive. When Each Day ,You Struggle To,Survive...Among The Neighborhood Decorations. Are People Despair And In Desperation..Streets Are Silent,Gone Are The Carolers. . Wino's And The Homeless Are On The Street Corners....Christmas Is Just Another Day They Have To Face.. They Dwell In A Despair And Detained Place...

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